Construction and Engineering Quantum Consultants 

Partnering with law firms, contractors and clients alike we are a back to basics QS firm that will work with our clients to offer pure quantum dispute, claims and project services. 

We offer international expertise, with a particular focus on former and current British overseas territories and the Commonwealth, under various jurisdictions and have valuable experience in dispute resolution and the management of claims both locally and overseas.

We take pride in our ability to resolve potential disputes before they become formalized, we can however if an unavoidable conflict has arisen, offer the tools and strategies to determine how it can be best resolved. 

Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

Our depth of commercial experience ensures the quality, quantity, and material standards will adhere to your project specifications and budget, due to our unique and particularly agile structure we are able to actively work with our clients and stakeholders to investigate how material specifications or budget parameters may be adapted to meet the final delivery needs ensuring that the best value is achieved on every development. 

Dispute Resolution

If a claim cannot be agreed, we have the ability and knowledge to advise clients on the best route to achieve settlement either through alternative dispute resolution [ADR] methods or through more traditional litigious routes involving our strategic partners. 

We are well equipped to resolve disputes through negotiation, adjudication, and expert determination and through our partners with whom we have long standing close ties we are also able to conduct litigation, arbitration and mediation offering the benefit of our global experience combined with our specific knowledge of the region where the dispute has arisen or the seat of resolution.



Expert Services 

We are able to offer multiple forms of expert provision and aim to work with our strategic legal partners to offer a hands on approach to the provision of services. We are able to offer expert opinion on rebuttals and pre-action matters ensuring the best possible outcomes for our partners and clients.


Client liaison and negotiation

Management of consultant team

Establish brief requirements and risk mitigation measures 

Management of contractors

Programming and Contractual mark ups

Monthly reporting on costs, time and quantity units

Cash flow forecasting

Delivery of completed projects to time, budget and quality standards

Liaison with clients & end users

Contract administration and management

Selection and appointment of Client's consultant team

Reporting on risk and opportunity

Management of process until contractor appointed



Cost planning

Cost control and reporting

Cost modelling

Agreement of Final Account with the Contractor

Selection of tendering Contractors

Life Cycle Costing

Tendering / Negotiation of projects

Capital Allowances

Tender reporting

Claims / Contractual advice

Establishing contractual agreements



Our ability to undertake specific roles under FIDIC, JCT and the NEC/EEC suite of contracts in relation to change control and management of project risks is essential to the smooth management of your projects. 

From our early engagement, even under ECI phase, we are able to adopt a leading strategy to manage change and mitigate risk. 

This ability also enables us to help you to capitalize on any perceived opportunity within the project scope. 

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