Our Service to You

Our vast consultancy experience complemented by our personal, professional approach, affords us a reputation for excellence. Our client base and repeat commissions are testament to the value and quality of our services developed through practical experiences on a broad range of sector schemes. 

Our modern and agile working practices ensure your project runs effortlessly from start to finish whilst never compromising our approach to delivering sustainable developments and minimizing their environmental impact. 

Dispute Resolution 

Claims and Dispute Resolution 


We are dedicated to providing effective solutions to construction disputes and enabling our clients to avoid conflict where possible and to manage and resolve it when necessary.

Most construction and PFI contracts now contain dispute resolution provisions based on adjudication. For many contracts these provisions arise out of statute law. In other contracts the parties have opted for adjudication to provide for a quick method of dispute resolution. We adopt a commercially sensible approach at all times. 

When it comes to time related claims, whether extension of time, disruption or acceleration our delay experts have vast amounts experience in identifying relevant events and determining the true criticality of activities

Expert Services

Quantum Expert Services


Our consultants have a strong technical backgrounds and knowledge in oil and gas and major construction projects. Our expertise lies in being able to forensically analyse claims on behalf of respondents to demonstrate clear entitlements to be established early on in the process.


We leave no stone unturned and ‘dig deeper’ into variation claims and not only assess the quantum of claimed amounts but will also ascertain the scope of works, investigate the specifications and drawings to ensure a robust rebuttal is prepared on behalf of our clients. We will also identify areas where back charges and set offs can be applied in order to reduce client’s risks. 



Commercial management 

Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

Our depth of commercial experience ensures the quality, quantity, and material standards will adhere to your project specifications and budget, due to our unique and particularly agile structure we are able to actively work with our clients and stakeholders to investigate how material specifications or budget parameters may be adapted to meet the final delivery needs ensuring that the best value is achieved on every development. 

Cost planning

Cost control and reporting

Cost modelling

Agreement of Final Account with the Contractor

Selection of tendering Contractors

Life Cycle Costing

Tendering / Negotiation of projects

Capital Allowances

Tender reporting

Claims / Contractual advice

Establishing contractual agreements


Change Management 

Change and Risk Management


Our ability to undertake specific roles under FIDIC, JCT and the NEC/EEC suite of contracts in relation to change control and management of project risks is essential to the smooth management of your projects. From our early engagement, even under ECI phase, we are able to adopt a leading strategy to manage change and mitigate risk. This ability also enables us to help you to capitalize on any perceived opportunity within the project scope. 

Project Services 

Project and Contract Management 

We are able to provide effective Project and Contract Management for schemes in the UK and overseas with a particular focus on former and current British overseas territories and the Commonwealth in many sectors, from roads, traditional and renewable energy, refineries and sea ports, to rail and high rise under all standard form and bespoke contracts. Offering all principle services associated with both pre-construction and post construction phases we are able to bring development plans to life and keep the project on track until completion.

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